Said about me

This summary is based on anonymous responses from customers in March 2023.

"With his passion for agile ways of working, Paul combines creativity with analysis and innovation to create structure out of chaos and find invaluable solutions.

Paul is passionate about agile architecture and with structure, drive and innovation, he goes beyond what is expected to achieve common goals and deliver the best possible results. He has a unique ability to combine creativity with his analytical skills and finds the practical solutions. He often takes the lead in complicated projects and is an excellent leader to turn to when problems arise because he usually has the answers based on facts and he makes people grow.

Paul's creativity is one of his greatest strengths and he comes up with new approaches that can be invaluable to a client. With his trustworthy manner, he asks the crucial questions to understand the current and desired situation and he knows how to work agile in an efficient company. Paul is brave and unpretentious, he solves what doesn't work and creates structure out of chaos. He goes beyond the technical and works with people and the organization, he is a leader who creates leaders."

The compilation is based on anonymous responses from customers in March 2023 analyzed by Per Frykman - Founder of Reputation Mastery™ - ✉