My way of working

What I do

Imagine a bridge between two sides of an organization, where one side is business development and the other is IT. Sometimes it is not needed, but often there is a gap between business and IT. I am the bridge that helps my clients achieve business agility throughout the organization and create an agile environment that works for everyone.

To enable business agility in an organization, both organizational agility and system agility are needed. It is important that both parts understand each other and can support each other in an optimal way to achieve results. Therefore, I work with the entire value chain, to facilitate true organizational agility. I make sure that there is clear guidance for both the teams and the rest of the organization, so that a desired architecture is achieved. In concrete terms, it can be about: helping the business side to own their process, keep track of what it looks like, which steps take the longest, where the bottlenecks are, where the inefficiencies are. And thus also ensure what the quality looks like.

My background

I have worked in the software industry for over 25 years, first as a developer and then as an enterprise architect. I have had the privilege of navigating the entire value chain within organizations from the very beginning, which has given me an understanding of the different objectives and priorities that different parts of a business have to tackle. It is these insights, together with my knowledge and experience in both operation, management and development in IT that I now use in my coaching, mentoring and facilitation. I am a certified SAFe and Togaf architect, a certified SAFe SPC and a trained coach.

I have worked extensively on security and process implementations and have had a leading role in both IS0 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.